Espace Claire-Léger present

Yolande Brouillard, Marie Ferdais,
Ako Millette and Kathleen Winter

From June 6 to July 7, 2024

Vernissage, Sunday June 9, 2024 at 2 p.m.

Arts Sutton - Yolande Brouillard
Yolande Brouillard - Encré #7, acrylic and pencil on mineral paper, 2023, 20 x 20 cm

Yolande Brouillard

From Color to Body Vibration

Over the past few years, to her great delight, Yolande Brouillard has returned to drawing with live models. She likes to combine drawing with painting.

It all starts with color, which she approaches in the manner of a choreography. With broad brushstrokes in one hand, and jets of water spray in the other, she creates atmospheric wefts from which light filters through shadows and colors. Then, with the model, she chooses the background best suited to the pose. Sometimes, the body follows the movement and takes its place in a space that reveals its vibration.

Here are just a few examples.

Yolande takes advantage of this exhibition to invite anyone interested in joining the Modèle Vivant Sutton group, which will resume in autumn 2024. She is the organizer with Gaétan Boulais. You can write to her at

Arts Sutton - Marie Ferdais
Marie Ferdais, Labyrinthe marin, ink on yupo, 2023, 50 x 50 x 4 cm

Marie Ferdais

Sharpening Her Eye

Inspired by themes such as nature and wide-open spaces, Marie Ferdais explores the visual arts through drawing, watercolor, ink and collage, usually on paper. The pieces on display are created using alcohol-based ink, which really does allow for a fluid, transparent expression of reality.

She finds great satisfaction in observing details and capturing the essence of what she sees. She then moves on from this first stage to feel and explore. A clear intention of what she wants to do, followed by a more intuitive approach. The result, however, can be far removed from her source of inspiration.

In her artistic approach, Marie seeks to express her intimate relationship with nature, through an attentive and sensitive approach. She wants viewers to interpret her work according to their own emotions. Each creation is an ongoing exploration, an invitation to observe the world around us through a personal prism.

Arts Sutton - Ako Millette
Ako Millette - Spatule, driftwood, metal, rock, 2024, 51 x 22 x 18 cm
Kathleen-Winter, Bouleaux rêvant dans la neige, Aquarelle, 2023, 22 x 28 cm
Kathleen-Winter, Bouleaux rêvant dans la neige, Aquarelle, 2023, 22 x 28 cm

Ako Millette

The Unexpected and The Invisible

For the past twenty years, Ako Millette has lived close to nature. He is now pursuing his adventure as a woodland walker. The forest is his daily place of contemplation, rejuvenation and inspiration.

Sometimes armed with his camera, he observes and explores life in all its forms. He likes to discover what lies behind appearances, or to bring his gaze closer to what might otherwise go unnoticed. Impressed by the secrets and beauty of nature, he gathers materials such as spalted wood, driftwood, broken glass, shells, rocks, roots, bark and pebbles, to which he adds other materials such as epoxy resin or metal for a final creative assembly.

He also has a background as an author of poetic prose and poetry, allowing him to combine sculpture and poetry, giving words to his assemblages and visual forms to his poems.

Kathleen Winter

Birch Magic

Kathleen Winter painted these watercolours outside during the winter of 2023. Sometimes snow fell on the paintings and left its traces. Sometimes the paint froze while wet, then dried beside Kathleen’s woodstove. She has always loved birch trees for their light, their delicacy, and their magic. The embroidered fragment is part of a song she wrote about birches.

If you ask her, chances are she might sing it for you.

Thank you for allowing her to share her perceptions of birch magic with you here at l’Espace Claire-Léger.