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Founded in 1980, Arts Sutton is registered charity and a venue dedicated to broadcasting contemporary creation in the visual arts in all its richness and variety.


In 2020, Arts Sutton’s solo exhibitions will focus on three specific themes: society, space and territory. These themes must be understood in their broadest artistic sense: what they inspire, what they evoke, what they provoke, whether imaginary or real. Each of the six (6) exhibitions will last six (6) weeks.

Current exhibition

From July 16 to August 16

Francine Denault | Paysages intérieurs

Painting - Mixed media

Upcoming exhibition

From August 20 to September 20

Pierre Auger | Filigrane

Freehand drawings, impressions on film, formats from small to monumental

Espace Claire-Léger

Arts Sutton Art Centre puts at the disposal of its artists members the Boutique for 6 expo-sales per year.

Les rendez-vous Arts Sutton

In collaboration with the Town of Sutton, Arts Sutton organized "Les rendez-vous Arts Sutton" every September, in the heart of the village with the mission of making cultural life flourish in contemporary and current art.

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