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LIZ DAVIDSON (1949 – 2021)

Beyond the Limits

Arts Sutton - Liz Davidson

LIZ DAVIDSON (1949 – 2021)

Beyond the Limits

Video presentation of the exhibition and opening on Saturday September 11, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The Arts Sutton and Art Plus galleries are proud and honoured to present an exhibition of the works of Liz Davidson, a distinguished artist and a remarkable woman whose recent death is deeply mourned by the art community and all who had the privilege of knowing her.

Beginning in the 1990’s, Liz Davidson devoted herself to creating a wide range of art from painting to drawing, video, photography, art books, performance, installation – nothing escaped her artistic eye. But her goal was always the same, to go beyond the limits of artistic expression. That was her all-encompassing vision as an artist.
Born in Montreal, she earned a diploma in sculpture from the Ontario College of Art in Toronto and a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Sir George Williams University, which later became Concordia University in Montreal.
At first she dedicated her talent to designing clothing, and her original collections earned her numerous awards in the categories of innovation and colour. This design work was an ideal school in which to study texture, form and colour.

In the Spring 2021 edition of Art et Culture, her fellow artist and longtime friend Andrée Pelletier wrote that Liz had “an absolute eye.” She knew the power of (du trait?) form, and colour. Her knowledge was immense, and so was her cultural awareness. Above all Liz was a generous, discreet and curious woman. Her huge smile and infectious laughter, her habit of bobbing her head with enthusiasm, were contagious. During the warmer months she escaped her studio to devote herself to her immense flower garden and lily ponds.

As someone who wholeheartedly engaged with the art world, Liz was one of the founders of the Gallery Arts Sutton as well as the Tour des Arts, a much-anticipated annual event in Sutton and the surrounding area for more than three decades.

It is important to note that the Art Plus gallery is presenting concurrently – until October 24 – the series En Hommage à Betty Goodwin by Liz Davidson.

The exhibition, a collection of works from the artist’s mature period, will be held from September 9 to November 7, 2021 at Arts Sutton.

Curator: Suzanne Pressé